Traditional Thai Massage

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Siam Thai - Massages


Remedial Massage – 60 or 90 minutes

This unique personalized massage experience has been created in order to relieve stress. It is a moderate-pressure massage that focuses on the major points of tension - head, neck, shoulders, back and feet.

Swedish / Relaxing Massage – 60 or 90 minutes

A perfect cure to a hectic life, all you have to do is lay back and relax while the tension and stress is relieved from your body, mind and spirit.

Deep Tissue Massage – 60 or 90 minutes

This deep massage aims to decrease pain and speed muscle recovery after exercise, sports and stress of everyday life. This intense massage is a combination of stretching and pressure to accelerate the movement, helping to remove lactic acid from the body.

Maternity Massage – 30 or 60 minutes

This relaxing massage nurtures both mother and child, while easing discomforts associated with pregnancy such as pressure, swelling and an aching back. Extra care and attention are given to your comfort and stage of pregnancy. Please let us know the number of weeks of your pregnancy when scheduling your appointment.

Siam Thai Oil Massage – 60 or 90 minutes

Similar to a traditional Thai Massage, but includes the use of oil which at the end puts you in a deeper state of relaxation and bliss. Relieve tight muscles and joints all over the body.


Thai Traditional Massage - 60 or 90 minutes

“The ancient-manner massage”, includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body. A Thai traditional massage is also designed for a complete heal from the everyday strains placed on our body.

Back, Neck & Shoulders - 30 minutes


Head Massage - 30 minutes

Thai Traditional Massage Pricing

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